Is Massaging my Nose Really Only Making It Worse

I am 22 and have two kids and still remain only...

I am 22 and have two kids and still remain only 110 lbs and wanted to get rhinoplasty to match my petite size of only 5ft tall.

i was so excited and spent my inheritance money, the doctor doing my surgery 2 wks after my consultation. Rush rush i know but i was so eager to get it done. I told him what i wanted and didnt have any questions because i thought he understood what i wanted only to find out there was still a hump. Hes and ears nose trought specialist and i figured he knew what he was doing.

I had rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago and when i got my cast of i was so sad to see that i still had a bump in my nose only worse. My old bump started at the top of my nose and gradually came down while my new bump starts half way down and hooks down making it far mor obvious than before. My doctor is having me massage it and when i do i can soffen it long enough to tape it down and create the profile i want, but it doesnt last long. The longer i go without massaging it the harder and bigger the bump gets. Im concerned that im just damaging it by massaging it or causeing the swelling to persist. Do u think the bump will go away? What should i do im so embaressed to be seen
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well i still have a bump, he didnt do his job????

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I just went for my 4 mo post op and my doctor told me to continue massaging my nose. I'm happy with the way it looks now, but my doctor recommended massaging it because it will still change. He said there is still scar tissue. The massaging helps the nose to take it's proper/final shape. Sounds like your bump goes away when you massage it, too. Hopefully things will work out for you. It's sounds promising.
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