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Cold Sores with Treatment of Juvederm and Botox

The pros are too numerous to mention. Improved...

The pros are too numerous to mention. Improved facial features, the look of being rested; improving self confidence and self esteem; compliments received but never telling I had treatment. These are just a very few.

The con is the cold sores. Medication before and after prevented break out but I seem to fighting daily for prevention. I am now taking Lysine. Diet is important; avoid chocolate especially.

I did it because my face began to look tired at the age of 55. Frown lines and sagging skin.

Doctor prescribed Valtrex prior to and after treatment for a period of a day or two. How long do symptoms usually last?


I remember the FIRST time I got Botox, they asked me if I'd had any coldsores in the last six weeks (from memory, or it could have been a longer timeframe). They must know it can be linked in a negative way. I believe my outbreaks have increased drastically since getting the beloved jabs.
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Nuts are a dietary problem too. Anything with a high arginine level should be avoided. Sugar is definitely taboo.
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I honestly do not know what would happen had I done nothing to help myself. Would I have had full breakouts and felt like the vulgar freak most people associate with cold sores? That's an easy answer, "YES"! I have suffered with them since childhood and I know the cause has nothing to do with "indiscriminate behavior". The doctors seems to "gloss over"the possibility of cold sores if you are one who gets them "occasionally". I think doctors should be a little more forthcoming in the fact that cold sores can be a serious problem as a result of treatment. Be upfront with patients. Had I done the research prior to the treatment I may not have had it done or I may have been more prepared. I was actually frightened when I began to feel symptoms. Now that it's done, I admit, I'm hooked! A few changes in my diet were key and the results are fabulous. Thank you for putting my comments and review out there. Michele P
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