Chin Liposuction to Get Rid of Turkey Neck - I Would Do It Again

My procedure to have the liposuction to get rid of...

My procedure to have the liposuction to get rid of my turkey neck was well thought out. It took me two years to get the courage to go ahead and do it.If I would have known how simple it was I would have done it sooner.The procedure took less than an hour and there was no pain afterwards at all.It would have been nice to know that the final results could take months to be noticed however.

I had chin liposuction 2 weeks ago and am still experincing a significant amount of edema to the neck and chin, is there anything I can do to decrease the edema faster? I have been wearing my garment as perscribed and started massage to the area as well. My surgeon injected the area with cortisone today and said to come back in a month to inject again.


One additional thing you can do to minimize edema is to keep your activity level low which may or may not be possible for you. It is all normal and will go away quickly with the steps you and your surgeon have already taken. The swelling is a small price to pay for what will no doubt be a great procedure for you once healing is complete. Hang in there!
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Very patient with fantastic bedside manner.

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