Chin Implant + Revision, Still Not Happy with Low Placement

My original chin implant was placed too high and...

My original chin implant was placed too high and it was too big for my face (wings were unnecessary). The doc agreed to fix it. Instead of putting a new smaller implant where we discussed, during the operation the doc decided to re-use the old implant w/o wings.(Can he do that?!) He now placed it too low, contrary to our discussion. The lower part of my face looks long and flat, w/ projection down, not forward.

What are my options? Any chance the implant will get pulled up during healing?

If plastic surgery is not absolutely critical for you, don't do it. Apparently, it's more difficult to get the placement of implants right than it seems from the web/literature review. Plastic surgery is an expensive way to learn to like yourself.


Can you tell us who the doctor was and if you ever got the problem fixed?
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Did he place the implant on the underside of your jaw bone, instead of on the front? That's the only way I can think of that you could end up with downward instead of forward projection. A correctly placed chin implant should sit on the lower FRONT of the chin, and its lower edge should not protrude below the jawline. The back of the implant can be hollowed out to get it to sit as low as possible, but it should be streamlined with the angle of the jaw. If your implant was placed under your jaw, then you are not alone. This happened to me. My surgeon tried to lengthen my face with it - not something I wanted or agreed to either (how do they get away with this?). It looked bizarre and created a host of problems and on-going pain with function. I agree with your comments about plastic surgery, and especially chin implant surgery. It should not be touted as simple and safe - especially to surgeons who don't read past this to the critical steps to be taken to avoid the risks and complications that may give rise to significant cosmetic disfigurement and functional deformity. Be good if you could post some photos of your chin. I'd like to see how your result compares to mine.
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The doc just didn't listen. He did whatever he wanted, even though I didn't agree with his aesthetic ideas (we're not even talking about clinical ideas, just matters of taste).

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