Wanted: Old Smile Back!

7 months ago I had a chin implant and neck lipo. ...

7 months ago I had a chin implant and neck lipo. Today, my smile is completely different, unable to fully smile, my smile is no longer attractive.

I was hoping to correct weak chin since childhood, not happy with results. Losing my smile as changed me as a person, internally and externally.

If I have the chin implant removed, will I get my old smile back or is this what I have to deal with for the rest of my life?


I had the same problem. I got it removed. Removal was simple and easy. My old smile mostly came back but the scar tissue that built up around where the implant had been still partly blocks my smile. That's why I'm on this site now...wondering if there's anything I can do about the scar tissue. I miss my beautiful old smile. Nonetheless I'm infinitely happier without the chin implant in. On a positive note, the scar tissue seems to make my chin bigger than it was originally, so it's almost like the implant is still there, to a lesser degree, with more flexibility. :) Good luck! I feel your pain!
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There's some good information over on this related thread: How easy is chin implant removal?

Hope this helps and good luck.

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Doctor should have fully informed me of risks, length of time for swelling (should have been months, not days), and recovery time

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