Chin Implant Has Shifted

I recently had a chin implant and the right side...

I recently had a chin implant and the right side came out of the pocket. It's literally pushing through my skin and my chin is crooked. It's causing severe pain too.

I really like the implant but I do not like the one side protruding through my's a not on that side and you can feel the entire implant and see the outline where it has's hard to show it in a picture from the front, but you can see it on the side pictures more clearly.

I would like to have surgery to correct it. How long should I wait before I have surgry to push it back in place?

What kind of implant is it?

Based on some of the doctors' comments made in this thread (Can chin implants be knocked out of alignment?), you should probably do it soon if it's a type that is solid after healing.

Hi i think i have the same problem with my implant, can u tell me if u removed it or replaced the implant? Wanna know about ur experience . Im 10 days post op and My left side looks exactly like yours and im totally unhappy !!!
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I don't think it was his fault it shifted; just bad luck. :(

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