Got Dark Spots After Citric Chemical Peel for Acne on Light Skin

I recieved a chemical peel about two weeks ago. I...

I recieved a chemical peel about two weeks ago. I am light skinned by the way. I had a citric chemical peel that left dark marks on my chin, on the side of my face and around my mouth.

I got a package deal for 2,000 and that included chemical peels, dermabraisions, and other things. I was seeking help for my all of suddened acne problem. The spa want to do another one (TCA and Glycolic acid). Should i trust that and get it.I am 22yrs old.


no you should not trust them. they should not have given you a chem peel alone with a dermabraision that was to hard on your skin you are only 22 years old and even though you have acne you still have good skin cell sheding. some spas dont care about the client's out come they just want the money.
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I look horrible.

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