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At-home TCA - I Peeled the Scabs off Too Soon!

I found the results of a TCA peel to be effective...

I found the results of a TCA peel to be effective if done correctly. However, mistakes are very costly and cause more hassle than its worth.

I done some really stupid which is I picked the scabs of on day 3 and am now left with this light brown blotch on my face. Can someone offer some advice on how they got their skin back to normal? I understand that if it appears that skin has disappeared then this will be permanent scarring. However, if its hyperpigmentation (HP) then this will fade in time. Now, if it is the latter then will a further TCA peel resolve this? I appear to have HP rather than scarring. I intially done 3 layers of 15% for 15 minutes. If further TCA will help resolve this problem, then I will wait a month to do this. Will 4 layers at 15% for 20 minutes be suffice? But maybe this will just fade over time but I dont want to wait a year for my skin to get back to normal. Your advice is greatly appreciated
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I done a home TCA peel so I cannot recommend a doctor.

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tell me where did u get the tca peel solution from a shop or online order please reply and let me no i need some!!!
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my advice to you that you dont leave peel to long on your skin. anyhow any TCA peeling should not be on the face longer then 10 minutes in total. from what i can see from you picture for me looks more DP then scare and i thinking will feed away with correct application of the next peel. What i would suggest you to do specially if you have acne problem to do 2 weeks prior to TCA peel a AHA peel with Salicylic acid as will go deeper in pores and eliminate any sebum in pores. You peel of to quick your skin, dont touch next time. i would recommend you to use after u put neutralizer on your face to apply pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, as this is the natural and the biggest water molecule and giving the skin moisturizing.... i am getting mine always from iherb.com u cant get any peels from the side but is the cheapest site for H acid serum and cream. hope it works. J.
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Many thanks for your feedback. I have decided that I will definitely do a peel on the 18th September. I'm not sure if there scars are improving or getting worse! I have been putting on fade cream in the mean time. I think I will do 2 layers of 18% TCA for 10 mins total. I dont want to do a really deep peel in case of further damage.
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Hi I do not recommend you having further peels to try to correct damage done to your skin by another peel. Give your skin a bit more time ie a few more months it will find it its own way back. Facial skin is amazing at self healing. Do not further aggravate it.
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I've been researching extensively in preparation for doing my own TCA chemical peel and found this addressed somewhere on one of the clinic's online aftercare instructions (although I can't seem to find the clinis website I found it on). They suggested that some individuals could end up with pigmented areas and that occasionally, further treatments to these areas can help to correct it. You could try treating only the scarred area again as you suggested you might try, but... gently! I would only do 2 layers 3-5 mins apart and leave only for the recommended time. It's better to go slowly and gradually try to fade the pigmentation. You don't want to risk causing more damage. If the pigmentation is still there in a few weeks, you could consider repeating the peel again. Hope this helps and good luck!
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