Peeling Skin After Salicylic Acid Peel

It feels like your face is on fire. but the acid...

It feels like your face is on fire. but the acid is only left on for 15 minutes-ish. So its not too hard to deal with. But it leaves your skin dry, flakey, red and it takes a few days to recover.

I had a salicylic acid peel on Thursday and my skin has been flakey as expected, but is it okay to peel the dead skin off? Or will the skin fall off naturally? Its now Saturday, so its been a couple days.
I pulled off a little piece of dead skin off my cheek 2 days after my salasylic acid peel, is that going to scar me? I didn't know I wasn't supposed to pick it off.
Peels should be done by a dermatologist or a Plastic surgeon. where the different peels are explained and what to expect and the care. DO NOT ACTIVELY PULL THE PEELING SKIN it can cause scars.let it fall by itself during gentle washing
I am a licensed esthetician, and very experienced with chemical peels. After receiving a chemical peel, as I'm sure your esthetician explained, peeling skin is expected. However, don't peel it off prematurely. This could inflict scarring or permanent pigmentation loss. Keep applying a heavy moisturizer frequently and this should reduce appearance of the peeling skin, and reduce the urge to prematurely peel it off. Your skin will naturally shed off the dead skin cells on its own in a few days. Hope this helps!
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