Chemical Peel on Chest - Sustained Severe Burn and Now Have Scarring

I had a checmical peel on my chest several weeks...

I had a checmical peel on my chest several weeks ago. I sustained a severe burn and now have scarring. The healing period was extremely painful but I know have an unsightly scar that extends up to my collarbone. it is almost impossible to dress normally. This has been a big challenge and a source of much frustration and embarrassment. I should have selected a derm pr a plastic surgeon and I did not.

I did it to get even looking skin. How silly. I'd LOVE to have now what I had before.

As per my above comments I did not choose wisely. I will not name clinic (no doc there) nothing positive to say.

I have been given some good advice about how to address the scars (white and raised) ranging from creams to LED treatment to lasers, IPL, massage, comprtession (not easy on the chest) scar gurd, etc. I will try anything and do what I need to do diligently but I'd like several more opinions. All have told me thee is still time for things to improve. But any suggestions any of you may have would be much appreciated. Thank you so very much.


Now is the time to go to a plastic surgeon or a derm. Its a 60 buck consultation (here locally for me) and it would be worth it....or your insurance may well cover scarring and you would want to go to a derm. All scars fade after a year...Id definitely keep shea butter on it and keep it moisturized.
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Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having. As you probably already know, there are lots of different procedures available for scarring. Are you able to post photos so the docs can advise you based on the specific type of scarring you have?

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I think if this procedure were done by the right person the results would have been very different. Go to the best and research.

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