Peel for Minor Acne Caused Dark Spots

I did the glycolic peel because I had blemishes...

I did the glycolic peel because I had blemishes due to minor acne. It got
rid of that but caused another issue that I can't get rid off which is some dark spots on my face.

What treatment will get rid of dark spots due to a peel gone wrong?
Photo facial also removes pigmentation problems - especially brown spots. I had photo facial on my chest for freckling - age/sun spots and I was really impressed with how it worked. My chest was totally clear and my arms were still full of freckles. Now need to do it on my arms! :)
Thank you! Where can I purchase The DMAE cream? What exactly is it?
try "bio oil" (about $11)or other similar products for scarring, you only need a few drops but mix it with a nice vitamine E + K oil (about $4). Place on each spot or use it over the entire face/neck, let the oils penetrate for about 10 minutes for day or before applying makeup. At night smear a pure or 98% aloe vera (about $3) over the top. To speed up the exfoliation process, use a DMAE cream (about $26) over the entire face morning and night. Apply on top of the oils and after the aloe vera gel dries. In 10-20 minutes you will be able to (carefully) slough or roll-off the mixture leaving behind smooth refined skin. I know this seems like a lot but you will be feeding your skin at a cellular level and should start to see results in two weeks. :D PS: buy a sunscreen that has no harsh chemicals and wear it every day. Keep your face out of the sun for a few months. The sun will damage the scarred areas.
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