Porex Cheek Implants Removed After 6 Weeks

I had porex cheek implants about 6 weeks ago and...

I had porex cheek implants about 6 weeks ago and now have to have them removed because they were too big and the implant became exposed. How long after having the porex implants removed can I have restylene to augment the cheekbone?

I also had bio-alcmid before and I was quite happy with the results but I had thet removed because I thought it needed improving. (ever heard the expression "if it ain't broke dont fix it)


Hello Bec, have you finally had your cheek implants removed ? Was it easy to have them removed ? I hope so.
Have you had anything else instead of these implants ?
Take care !
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I would reccomend him for jaw augmentation and rhinoplasty but not for cheek implants. However he reccomended fat transfer inittially. I should have listened.

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