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Not to Satisfy - Corona, CA

I have the deep lines around my mouth and was very...

I have the deep lines around my mouth and was very excited to get the procedure done. The nurse said I would need two syringes, one for each side. I had some swelling for 24hrs and than after it looked great. Than as each day passes I notice the line were coming back. So, I did a follow up a week after the procedure very dissatisfied. Come to find out I need two more syringes, another $1000. I haven't made up my mine on doing yet. I would like some professional feed back on this. Is there a better filler? What should I do? I don't like these lines but I don't want to keep dishing out more money.

Hi ilene,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. I'm sorry you're disatisfied, that's never fun when you are excited about something and it doesn't work out, I hate that.

Maybe the Perlane she used was watered down I have heard of that from other members. There are other fillers like Sculptra and Juvederm, I'm not sure if better, I would check with the other members. Please keep us updated.



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I felt mislead.

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