Can't Breathe and Gastroparesis After Tummy Tuck

I am 2 years post op tummy tuck. I weighed 155 at...

I am 2 years post op tummy tuck. I weighed 155 at the time of surgery. I had problems breathing the day after surgery, and ever since then I have problems taking a deep breath. I especially can’t breathe after eating.

I had a stomach emptying study and it showed that I have gastroparesis. I have looked online and it said stomach surgery is one of the causes of gastroparesis. I also have bad reflux.

I have a large upper belly bulge, and I look 5 months pregnant. I had lipo done and there is barely any fat on my stomach. I think my diaphragm is pushed up and is constricting my lungs. I had a CT scan done and all it showed was a hernia of fat over my belly button.

I am really upset that I am having so many serious medical problems after a cosmetic surgery. What can I do to fix these problems?

What tests can I get to prove that I can’t take a deep breath? What can I do to fix this and get back to normal? Thanks.
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