Invisalign Gave Me the Smile I Always Wanted... in Less then a Year! :)

Pro's: Not noticable, relatively painless,...

Pro's: Not noticable, relatively painless, excellent results.
Con's: Annoying having to remove the aligners everytime you eat, A little bit of a lisp when first started.

My teeth by my two front teeth were pushed out by my wisdom teeth giving my two front teeth a larger appearance. Also, I had a crooked tooth in my bottom teeth. I was so self concious everytime I laughed or spoke... when I read about invisign I thought it was too good to be true. I wanted to fix my teeth without having the metal braces (as I am a professional in my late 20's).

I would recomend it to anyone... I have a friend who I recomended it too as well who is only one month in and is already seeing great results.

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if you mind me asking who was your dentist?
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Hi, I'm in Canada too and I just started my invisalign treatment. I feel sores developing on my tongue in places that rub against my trays. My teeth is also sensitive to cold/hot foods. What did you do to decrease this discomfit? Thanks!
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I never had that problem with mine. Do you take them out many times a day? I tried to plan larger meals and snack less so I wouldnt have to pop them out everytime... I have a friend who takes them out up to 10 times a day and she is having some discomfort as well. You could probably try brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth... Sorry I couldnt be more help!
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