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Any Vision Problems After Deep FX? - Canada

Some pain but definitely bearable. After 5 days...

Some pain but definitely bearable. After 5 days skin is recovering well. Reddness almost gone. Blotchy patches. Decided on Deep FX to help with adolesent acne scars. First follow-up appointment in 2 days.

This may sound odd, but has anyone had any change in vision after Deep FX. I was prescribed a sedative prior to the procedure. I have experienced a decrease in my distance vision. Any comments?

I was just wondering if your eyesight returned to normal and if you still like the results of the total procedure. Thanks!
I just had Total FX yesterday, and I find my right eye is compromised. I had a lot of pain in it last night, but the pain was gone by morning. But my vision is not as sharp right now in the right eye, almost like I see double out of it (I wear glasses, too). I'm going to mention it to my doctor tomorrow. I don't want to go to an ophthalmologist, especially right now with my face swollen like a bowling ball. I had the metal eye shields, too, during the procedure. My eyes are very swollen, but not shut. It's disturbing to hear from 6571anon that his/her vision is still blurry after 2 weeks.
It's two weeks after my Deep FX, and my vision is still blurry. My doctor used numbing drops, and some type of contact lenses to protect my eyes from the laser. He did laser over my eyelids, and they were TOTALLY swollen shut for two days. I keep trying to give them enough time to heal, but I think I will have to go see an eye doc. Was NOT prepared for this. Sorry to hear you are having problems, but it's a relief to know I'm not the only one, since my doctor just dismisses my complaints.
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Very through. Well informed.

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