My Tummy Tuck Looks Awesome - I'm Flat As a Pancake

My tummy tuck looks awesome - flat as a pancake. ...

My tummy tuck looks awesome - flat as a pancake. The recovery was very difficult and I am still not standing up straight at 6 weeks post surgery.

I am starting to wonder if I really got the lipo I paid for in addition to the tummy tuck. I was supposed to get those procedure during a tummy tuck but my hips and flanks look exactly the same at 6 weeks post surgery and there are no lipo entry wounds.

Is it possible to get lipo on hips and flanks through a tummy tuck incision?
Congrats on your decision to get a TT! Mine is on the 20th and I can't wait! You look awesome, what a great result you had!
You look fabulous!! I'm in Cinti and would love to know your PS. Please?
Do you mind me asking who your surgeon is? I'm getting my surgery done soon in Cincinnati and you look great!
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