Wanted a Slight Tweak to Side Profile and Didn't Get It. Can Rhinoplasty Be Undone?

In Feb 09 I underwent rhinoplasty having found a...

In Feb 09 I underwent rhinoplasty having found a surgeon that I trusted. My goal was to look exactly the same from the front but to alter my side profile ever so slightly so that my nose tip didn’t droop as much when smiling. In addition we decided to soften the tiny bump on the bridge. In the end I had the tip lifted and the bridge of my nose reduced.

I felt that the surgeon understood me – I wasn’t looking for a total makeover or a change to my front profile – just a light tweak to improve my side profile. I loved the way I looked from the front and had a mini issue with the side profile. However, every day since having the surgery I deeply regret my decision to go through with it. Even though the side profile is improved, my nose now looks worse from the front. If I had known my front profile was going to change I would never have had surgery done.

Here is my opinion on the surgery.

1) I feel that the surgeon cut away too much from the bridge of my nose (I have a slight “ski slope” nose now which is something I said that I didn’t want)

2) the tip of my nose is rock hard (I was never told that this would be as a result of the surgery)

3) the tip of the nose has changed shape (wider) as well as increased in size.

4) The nice “line” “top of the roof” I had down my nose has now disappeared as a result of carving and taking away the point of my nose.

My goal was to look exactly the same from the front but to alter my side profile ever so slightly so that my nose tip didn’t droop as much when smiling

My questions are – 1) can I have revision surgery to try and get my nose back as close as possible to what it was before? Is it possible to have revision surgery to put it back? 2) can you build up a nose to replace the cartilage taken out? 3) is there a reason why my nose tip is rock hard? 4) do you know why my tip increased in size and changed shape? Regret having rhinoplasty - can it be undone?
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i feel mislead.

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oh i wish rhinoplast could be reversed. i want my last nose back so bad :( i miss it so much. it was a little long, and had a small bump near the tip because i had gotten rhinoplasty in my twenties to remove a dorsal hump. well he didn't remove the very tip of it and a small bump was visible. now i got this second rhinoplasty and i feel devastated. it hurts to hear that you still feel emotionally bothered even 2 years after yours :( i can't imagine living like this every day for another two years. i want my old nose back. he took the tip in too much and my bridge looks super straight, it looks weird on my face. i'd do anything to get my last nose back. everyone keeps saying they like it too which bothers me, because i see the difference and i hate it.
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I hear you Kate and can relate. It seems doctors sometimes have a hard time following what we tell them. You say, "Don't change how it looks from the front," and it's like they don't hear the "don't" and do EXACTLY what you tell them NOT to do. I had this same experience with a dentist. It's so frustrating.

On the bright side, your nose does not look deformed or overtly terrible, it's just the doc robbed it of its natural beauty.

I'm rooting for you to find the best solution for you!
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yes- you are correct. The photo to the right is the before photo. I am still struggling with cope(2 years later) with the changes that have taken place. I remember clearly asking, "will i look different from the front" and he said "no, just the side profile will change". No matter how good a surgeon may be or where they were educated, you are never going to get the outcome you envisage regardless of what they might say - well in my case at least.
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Which is the before and which is the after photo? I have to assume the before is the one on the right? Because that one looks awesome.
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Hello! I am sorry you didn't achieve what you wanted with your rhinoplasty. My situation is very similar, we are on the same boat. I have more feminine profile then before, but I really don't like my look from the front. The funny thing is that most people actually don't realize how small change in the profile can really change your "an face". People usually think "o.k., if you have beautiful profile and smaller nose after the rhinoplasty, you are not going to look worse then before". Unfortunately, that's not true. I feel like my nose is too much upturned from the front and maybe my bridge is little bit weak. To me, it is much more important to have natural looking nose from the front, then "cute" profile. I really think there is solution for similar problems. Be patient, my best wishes.
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Thank you so much for your comments. I can't event to begin explaining how upset i am. I now realize that i was perfect just the way i was and i didnt need to make any changes. Now, the question is, is it possible to undo the surgery?

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Hi, Sorry to hear you are so unhappy with your result. About half of our rhinoplasty practice is revision work and one of the most common reasons for patients to see us for a revision is the sense that the bridge has been reduced too much. The increased width, size, and firmness of your tip probably results from excessive scar tissue which can sometimes result from too much cartilage removal. Please don't despair about your situation. Based on your photo, there should be no reason that you can't achieve your goals. The challenge is to be sure to return you not back to your original nose, but back to where you would have liked to be in the first place. We'd be happy to discuss your options further when you're ready. Feel free to contact our office.
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