Two Surgeries, Still Unhappy with Size - Can Breasts Grow Back After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery twice within 14...

I had breast reduction surgery twice within 14 months. And im still not happy with the size, they keep growing and i dont understand if its possible, i have lost weight not gained weight so im confused. im actually considering doing the surgery again.

I just want to know if this is common or normal for breasts to keep growing after a reduction?
ive heard of breasts growing back after breast reduction and ie seen them grow uo to 2 or 3 cups even comletely after surgery. then if you dont mind dishing out a couple more thousands between $5 and $7,000 you can get breast liposuction which will take out the fat you gained if it is fat
Hello If you are young, below 21 you still can grow. wait untill you have stopped growing then do the reduction. As with the prevous comment Hormonal workup is also needed
If your breasts are truly growing, perhaps you need to see your gynecologist or an endocrinologist. Weight shifts can change breast sizes but so could hormonal imbalance or medications. Increase in size following reductino is a different issue than inadequate resection.
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The difference in size was not worth going through 2 surgeries

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