Curved Septum 12 Months After Rhinoplasty

Had rhinoplasty 12 months ago, dr tells me that my...

had rhinoplasty 12 months ago, dr tells me that my septum is still curved going right toward tip of nose. he recommended radiesse to give illusion of a straighter looking nose. also nose still quite swollen. he said it will still go down some i dont want to go thru a revision.

should i try radiesse. will it give the appearance of a larger or wider nose. please help. somewhat frustrated.

who was the doctor that performed your surgery ?
hi can I know what doctor you went to I am having the same problem and also went to a doctor in Jersey. I personally am not going to go through Raiesse because that will make your nose look thicker... the whole point of getting a nose job is to narrow it ..he just wants to do that to make it even on both sides.
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