Open Rhino for Severe Deviated Septum, Hump on Bridge and Had my Tip Slightly Raised

I had an open rhino for my severe deviated septum,...

I had an open rhino for my severe deviated septum, hump on bridge and had my tip slightly raised. I am 3 weeks post-op and just in the past week am noticing that my nostrils are becoming very uneven. when the cast first came off, i didn't notice this problem at all. I know there is still a lot of swelling on my tip, and i am hoping that because there was so much work done to the left side of my nose (grafting)..then this is why the left nostril is so much larger. i am worried though that they were uneven pre-op but because my tip was collapsed it wasnt evident and now that it is raised its very evident.

was happy when cast came off, but now second guessing based on my nostrils being uneven... if they even out then i will be overall very happy!

is this normal for the swelling to be so uneven? or is it possible that this is permanent even though the surgeon didn't mess with the actual nostrils?
When I first got my cast off, I loved my nose. About a week later I hated it!! I felt like the tip just went way up and made me look like an elf. It's now been 7 months, and I really do like it. The swelling can make everything look off, just give it time. I'm sure your nostrils being uneven WILL still be a bit more evident than they were pre-op, but once the swelling goes down I really think you will be happy with the overall results :)
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not sure how i feel yet..

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