Fractional After CO2? - San Diego, CA

About ten years ago I had a CO2 laser peel, one...

About ten years ago I had a CO2 laser peel, one pass followed by erbiaum yag laser, with very good results. About a year and a half later I began developing some bery large pores on the sides of my nose.

I had good results in terms of tone, tightening, and elimination of fine wrinkling. My eyes looked especially good, with the nurse commenting that I looked like I'd had blepharoplasty. Recovery was easier than for many. The worst was the first few days, and then I was looking pretty normal by 2 weeks.

Ellen, who is your dermotologist? I would like to do the fraxional co2 laser. Thanks!
Thanks Ellen. Say, have you ever known of anyone to receive laser to decrease the sebaceous (oil) glands of the face? (I have very oily skin)(Or anything else that truly helps)
Botox. Injected superficially, into the dermal layers,can be very effective toward decreasing oil production.
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