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Unsatisfied Customer! All It Did Was Make my Butt Flatter and Longer

Wanted to get rid of saddle bags but on the advice...

Wanted to get rid of saddle bags but on the advice of the doctor needed a butt lift. All it did was my butt flatter & longer.

My advice to patients thinking about this procedure is to sit down with your doctor & explain what results you're looking for following any type of surgery. That was my biggest mistake!!

It definitely is your doctors fault. Final results and expectations with all the possible outcomes should have been explained to you--informed consent. No information should be withheld that might change your opinion about whether or not you would like to go through with the surgery. You simply trusted your doctor to do so. You don't know what you don't know. A flatten rear is expected unless fat grafting or augmentation is done. It's in all the ps literature.
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It wasn't the doctor's fault, just wished he wouldn't of suggested that type of surgery.

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