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Considering Fat Grafting After Hydrogel Injections (2,500cc)

I had hydrogel injection back in 2007, and 2008....

i had hydrogel injection back in 2007, and 2008. the lady who injected me said she was giving me 2,500 cc's (not all at one time). my butt was big for a year. after a year back to the flatlands and out of 6,000 dollers.

i haven't any problems so far(only a few small lumps that come and go in the same spot. i think it was the injection site).

my question is can i get fat graphing after having hydrogel injections? will i get an infection if i get the procedure?
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before the fat grafting, remove hydrogel!!!! Never USE I repeat NEVER USE hydrogel polyacrylamid or PMMA anywhere!!! it's very and ALWAYS DANGEROUS!!! I had it in my lips and I had to do remove it by a surgeon because about 5 years I got complications like bumps/lumps and the product spread down above my lips, in my cheek and my jaw. it was awful!! Even if a surgeon inject you, you will have later big problems!!! because youy body will react because of the product is a foreign product. Do reseach on web it's very dangerous!!
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Hey im in va too...where can I get some hydrogel from
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what state did you get the hydrogel injected?
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