32A to 32D, Considering Second Op to Create Cleavage

Hi there, I am 24 years old, 1.69cm tall and 53kg...

Hi there, I am 24 years old, 1.69cm tall and 53kg. Last year I had a breast enlargement from 32A to a 32D with 310cc high profile and 11cm wide, and 5.4 projection.

Although I am happy with the results and feel it was a good job, i wish they could appear slightly closer together, i struggle to get a good cleavage and in bikini tops for example, I can hardly see any outline of my breasts as they are far apart. So because of that, I went to see the surgeon again and he said he will be happy to change them. The new ones they said it will be either 385cc or 450cc with 12.5cm wide and 5.1 projection.

I have done a research on the internet and I am affraid not to end up with a "uni-boob" or for them to be to far on the side. Also, I am a bit concerned with the position of the nipple. Looks like its a bit to high. Can anything be done about this next time? I would really appreciate your answers. What do you think? Are 385 or 450 to big for me? Is 12.5cm to wide? Please advise me what you think and if you have any additional thoughts or I missed out on something, let me know. Thank you very much.

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Hey there i think that you should definetley go ahead and do the 450cc's you cant go wrong, you may think im crazy but for me bigger is better, i have 600cc implants and i have great cleavage and im actually going to redo and go to 750cc's. There is not much difference between 330 and 380,just so you get a better understanding there is only 25cc's of liquid in a shot glass, so thats not alot so going from 330 to 380 its like adding 2 shotglasses of liquid to what you already have. For me its not enough to go through a whole nother sugery just to add 50cc's I definetley think you should do 450, it is much more worth the time and pain. You wont regret it....hope all goes well...
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