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Burns from IPL Leave Scabs on Back

I had IPL done on my back last week. The lady...

I had IPL done on my back last week. The lady turned on the device too high and I got burnt. Now my back has scab marks and I'm worried they will leave scars behind.

The lady assured me that the burns will not leave scars because the burns are only on the skin's surface. She said she'd do a microdermabrasion on my back again after the scabs have fallen off.

Should I still continue with the microdermabrasion and IPL on my back given the scabbing? And is there anything I can do now to avoid any potential scarring?


I'm currently going to Dr. Grimes in Los Angeles. She's dealt with every burn case known and has taught many dr.s about ipl burns. I'm currently going to her because I too have had ipl burns about a year ago and recently started to go to her and she's been doing treatments on me that his healed my skin as well as made the pigmentation normal again. She truely is amazing and her office is called vitiligo and pigmentation institute. She can tackle any burned case there is. if you need any further info or want to talk to someone who's gone through the same you have email me: christinastrawberry6@yahoo.com trust me, i've been there!
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i had a free test spot on my back for the 2nd time today. the first one is 2 cm by 2cm. now is 10 cm by 10 cm. i am asking what setting did your nurse use? they will charge me $400 per session starting september, 09.i am asian filipino male. would you mind to share your setting?thank you.
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