Pannulectomy & Full TT Following 100+lb Weight Loss

I am 4 wks post pannulectomy & full TT...

I am 4 wks post pannulectomy & full TT following a 100+lb weight loss (lifestyle change/exercise). I still have drains in and am draining 50+cc's of a yellow discharge with solid matter a day on the right side, bately nothing on the left which is the same side I have had a hard fist sized bulge in since surgery. I mentioned the bulge to my surgeon last week and was told that if it was still there in a year (!) lipo would be performed - but no mention of a possible seroma was made.

Very pleased with the overall result, regained much needed confidence in my body image.

Cons; severe pain for 2 weeks post op; now only issue is continued draining.

I did this because of a 100+ weight loss and a rediscovery of who I am. My goal was to be everything I never was by the time I was 50 - and I will be!

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A few questions, will this bulge go down if the...

A few questions, will this bulge go down if the drains remain in? How many cc's a day do I have to be at before the drains are removed? Why can't I drive as long as the drains are in? Finally, what could this bulge be? -- Updated on Nov 12, 2009: Also, my ab muscles felt very tight for the first 3 weeks, but now I notice I can "relax" my stomach muscles....and they don't feel as "tight". Is this normal or should I be concerned that the muscle repair might be failing? About 2 weeks post op I sneezed suddenly without time to brace and had an immediate sharp pain in my rt upper ab mid section - adjacent to my belly button. Now I am worried I popped a stitch and am "unraveling" inside! I told the MD about it at the time but was told a not to worry about it because I was sewn up 3x and "was going no where". Thoughts?


Hi I am from buffalo ny too! iim having my TT march 1st 2 days!! =) who was your surgeon? mine is Dr. Andrew Giacobbe
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Good afternoon, Iam only one day post TT. My PS said they removed 12 lbs of fat (I don't know if that includede the excess skin). I am happy about that initial removal because I have a goal to see my stomach flatter than it has been in 13 years. I am unsure of how may stitches I have. I feel some gurgling in my stomach at times. I have two drains that seem to be draining well. I have refused any pain medication. I am taking my antibiotic & celebrex. I am handling the pain well, it hurts most when I try to sit up higher in the bed or get out of the bed to use the restroom. Right now I am feeling pretty good just want to know when I will be able to stand up straight so I can see my stomach.
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Great result Do not worry you will not unravel. Your Plastic surgeon is right we do put multilayered sutures
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Excellent surgeon,the scar is barely noticeable, I was shown only pictures of the "worst case" scenarios so I did not develop false expectations, which I did not understand at first but now, fully appreciate that approach to the outcome expectations!

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