Bruising After Juvederm for Tired, Puffy Eyes

I went to a plastic surgeon for puffy tired...

I went to a plastic surgeon for puffy tired looking eyes. I think the results will be good once the bruising is gone. I am worried about two small purplish red bruises that have not gotten any lighter. I had the injection 5 days ago.

I know the bluish bruising will fade and eventually go away but I have two circle like the size of a pencil eraser under my left eye. They are purplish/red. Will these go away also?

Pictures/Images: These eye circles appeared 4 months ago and do not vanish. They appear red in bright light and dark in shadow. When I move the affected skin, the red area moves as well, so I guess it cannot be in the deeper skin layers. What could be the cause ? I understand that there are several different causes, but I cannot determine which could be the cause of my reddish eye circles. (they don't seem like 'allergic shiners' to me) Could an injection help ? Or laser treatment ? What would you recommend ?
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As long as all the brusing goes away it is worth it. If not then I would take the puffy eyes over the purple under my eyes.

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