Brite Smile Led to Excrutiating Pain

Even if the procedure had lasting effects - which...

Even if the procedure had lasting effects - which it did not - it would not have been worth the pain I experienced. I had excruciating pain that started about one hour after the treatment and lasted a day. It was the most horrible pain I have experienced in decades.

During the procedure, the dental assistant insisted on having my credit card, instead of asking me for it in advance or else waiting until the treatment was finished. After the treatment, the dental assistant could not provide a magnifying mirror to show me the result. She said "Oh, honey, you got the lightest possible shade!" which was a blatant lie. My dentist confirmed the next day that the teeth were lightened by half a shade, not more.

This treatment was a scam.

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Not enough information about potential pain.

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lol! whew who knew it could get so ugly on a site while talking about teeth?! My goodness. Too funny.
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I went to the dentist one week before teeth whitening. My teeth were in perfect health, without any decay. How can you question anyone's experience of pain? I think you comment is at the same level as your spelling skills. Please look up how to write "difficult" words before misspelling them ("definately") in a public message. That kind of mistake reflects well the level of education people at Brite Smile seem to have.
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Although I would agree that you paid way too much for your treatment, if that was the "most horrible pain you experienced in decades" then cosmetic procedures are DEFINATELY not for you. As an employee of Brite Smiles, the active ingredient is a 15% hydrogen peroxide gell that is intensified by a UV light. This gel is actually LESS effective than the gels you get at the Dentists office that are carbomide peroxide. However, the UV lights do add an intensity. We ask that you see your Dentist BEFORE whitening. There may have been decay or probems that could have been irritated by the gel.
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