Leaking and Ruptured Implant

I've had silicone implants for two years,...

I've had silicone implants for two years, unfortunately as shown in the MRI one is ruptured and the other one is leaking. I alreday saw a PS and I'm planning on having them explanted; but I can't do it until in three months.

I'm also developing rash in different parts of my body. The itching comes and goes. It seems like an allergic reaction.

I recently had my silicone implants removed, my surgeon was surprised to find both implants had ruptured. Nothing looked or felt different with the breasts except that i have been plagued with allergies that come and go for 5 or 6 years. I was diagnosed with every sort of allergy, tried diets and creams,they would come and go. The allergies and the ruptures were connected as my allergies have gone.
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