Breast Lift, Augmentation, Implant Replacement and Capsular Contracture Scare

I lost a significant amount of weight and wanted...

I lost a significant amount of weight and wanted to have a breast lift and augmentation at the same time, to increase my level of self-esteem.

I had capsulotomy (on the right breast) close to 6 weeks ago. At the time both implants were replaced and my surgeon created a new pocket on the right side.

How much longer should it take for the implant on the right to drop back into place (the left side is fine)? The right implant also feels slightly harder and is still a bit higher and not as round as the left. Should I be concerned of a contracture at this time or is this normal?

i think just for implants about $7000.00. But if the skin is not tight, you may want to pay the little bit extra and do the lift as well (since the implants add weight). Good luck!!
oh okay thank you for answering but do u know how much it normally costs for a breast implants?

Hi Candel,

You can also check the breast implants cost map for a rundown of prices in your area.


I have posted several concerns I have regarding a...

I have posted several concerns I have regarding a cc revision and implant replace. I have cc revision surgery about 9 1/2 weeks ago. I had a cc in the righ breast after 2 years. I had both implants replaced with larger implants (870/900cc). The right cc was released and my surgeon created a new pocket (over/under the cc tissue). I have been massaging numerous times a day very early after my cc revision. The implant had begun to settle, but over the past few weeks it seems as though there is no further progress, its achy now (I suspect from vigorous massage). The is a gap from where my old implant was (before the cc)(bottom of the breast). Can I be hopeful that it will further settle or be concered? I have called my surgeon's office a million times since my surgery and feel like I am annoying them. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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