Left Too Large After BR Surgery

I am petite and have always felt my breasts were...

I am petite and have always felt my breasts were not mine! I was a 34D and wanted to be a small B cup and expressed that I wanted to go braless....

Left too large after BR surgery...
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Did not really listen to my desires and made the size he felt appropriate....

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You are looking at Bra size. instead look at breast size. Bras differ insize by manufacturer and even style. Most women wear the wrong size bra. Try 36B you may fit better in that size
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Thank you so much for your reply but I have a very small frame and could actually wear a 32 band. My breasts are almost the same size - just lifted and a little underneath was removed. I'm not sure why a surgeon would do a major surgery and only take out 115 grams. Very upsetting to me and not what we talked about prior to surgery.
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Don't know if you still check the site, but the same happened to me. Went from a very full D (probably DD) to small D. I wanted b/c. Money down the drain altho they are a better shape now and lifted...but not what I asked for over and over. I think PS did whwat she thought was fine for me. 165 grams - should have been 250.
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