Happy Until the 10th Day Post-op - Now I'm Itchy (Allergy?)

I had a breast reduction 17 days ago and was so...

I had a breast reduction 17 days ago and was so happy until the 10th day. I developed a redden area over both my breast from the bottom incision to the top of the nipple which is warm to touch and VERY itchy. I take benadryl but does not help. I saw the dr and steri strips were removed thought was that I was allergic to the adhesive, but still today have no relief.

I went to the doctor on day 10 and steri strips removed and told to take benadryl, still no relief and placed on an antibiotic, because I was had the sweats, keflex. I called the dr on day 6 of pills and stated no relief, redness has worsened, no blistering, some dimpling noted. Now placed on Medrol and I am guessing it takes 48 hours for this to work, but I am wondering if this is an allergy to sutures.

COuld this be allergy to sutures?

I know this was over 3 years ago but this sounds so similar to what I am going through right now and I am not sure what to do.
I was thinking of getting a BR from this doctor, are you still happy? Could I see your photo?
i had breast reduction/lift, liposuction upper tummy and hips plus mini tummy tuck 17 days ago. i am beyond happy with results...6 days after wore a skirt i have not been able to wear up to this point. i had very little pain except for the usual pulling sensation and then pain from lipsuction sites. only took pain pills once. only thing bothering me at this point is the crazy itching on the higher part of breast...hoping this means healing and will go away. anyone considering doing all this believe i feel it is worth every penny. i feel so much better about myself emotionally its amazing.
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