Mastopexy Following Mastectomy - Lost Nipple Sensation

I had a unuiateral left mastectomy in Oct 08 for...

I had a unuiateral left mastectomy in Oct 08 for DCIS. I only did a unilaterla mastectomy so I could still have one viable breast with sensation. The mastopexy was recommended to get better semmetry with implant to be placed on mastecomy side.

I had tissue expander placement at time of mastectomy. On 7/2/09 I had my exchange to mastectomy side, and mastopexy with small subglandular implant on healthy breast. My mastpoexy incision goes around the entire areola and then vertically down to the fold. I stressed to my plastic surgeon that I wanted to retain my nipple sensation. He always said I would. I still don't have any, and am getting quite concerned about it.

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