Breast Reconstruction After Double Mastectomy

After having a double mastectomy 5 years ago I...

After having a double mastectomy 5 years ago I decided to have reconstruction. I wore prosethesis for all that time, and have grown tired of not being able to wear all the clothes I would like they are hot and I live in the South!

Since I am just in the beginning stage of this process, I can't really comment on the pros or cons. I just have a question about the placement of my expanders. They seem really high and I am hoping that someone that has been through this can share their experience.

I am in the process of breast reconstruction after double mastectomy (5 years). The tissue expanders were implanted about 3 weeks ago and I have been expanded 3 times (once in the hospital and twice in the office). I am concerned that the expanders are very high on my chest. I will probably have 2-3 more expansions to get me to a full b cup. I do not want my final breasts to be positioned this high.

Hi there, I am also in the process of having my tissue expanders inflated. I have previously had breast implants but developed cancer to I can compare the expanders with normal breast implants with breast tissue. The expanders do sit quite high but so do breast implants often, and they do drop as the skin relaxes. My surgeon also tells me that she will improve the appearance when the exchange the expanders for the silicone implant. As the expanders are saline filled they feel very different from the permanent implant, they have hard edges and mine aren't a nice shape, but I know that eventually they will be replaced and will look far better and feel far better too! Don't worry, the final result will not be what you see now! Good luck.
Do you have saline filled implants? If so, may be time to replace them with the very safer silicone gel implants. They are much more comfortable and natural looking and feeling. Talk to your surgeon about the alloderm to provide cushioning - works great. As far as the nipple and areola reconstruction goes: keep it simple. Doing grafts of skin from other areas of the body is expensive and has a high chance of infection and failure of the graft. To make the nipple, the surgeon creates one out of the skin on the breast. This is done after the implant surgery has healed. Tattooing by a specially trained nurse or permanent make-up specialist creates the final natural look. The tattoo process is painless and produces great results.
I had a double mastectomy in 2005 and still have tissue expanders in place... though over time, they have deflated...between then and now I have tried s lot of things to compensate for my breasts (I constantly raid my mothers drawer of shoulder pads to stick into my bra, they are far more comfortable and not at all expensive) I wonder if there is a way to avoid capsular contraction by using a patients tissue or fat around the implant so that as it settles in, there is a surrounding cushion and less wrinkling...I wish you all well...I am hoping to be in the clear and able to start reconstruction soon...there needs to be more done to put a woman back together comfortably and without so many worries...if we can replace nearly everything else, why is it so difficult to replace a breast, or a set of them...including the nipples, you would think that if they are held in place by muscle, there would also be a way to add some form of tissue and a disolvable material that could be placed over the implant and stitched here and there that would enable tissue to grow over and around it and hold things in place better creating a more natural look and feel that would also prevent twisting and turning so that nipples could be added (female tissue...its already pink) after a period of healing time.
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I didn't feel he explained the extent of the process and what I would look like during the expansion procedure.

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