After Reconstruction my Left Breast Hasnt Dropped

Pro getting smalled breast implantsPro closer...

Pro getting smalled breast implants

Pro closer together
Pro more confident
Con Left still hasnt dropped

I have been massaging everyday and wearing a strap and the right seems to take more but I need to get the left to drop


I recently had a 2nd breast augmentation to correct a lateral displacement on the left side. I am right handed. The right side has dropped great. The left side that was worked on more hasnt dropped and still hurts. I push on it daily and wear a strap constantly. I don't know what else to do? It has been about a month and one week since my surgery.
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It can take a few months for the implants to drop completely. Here's a related Doctor Q&A that goes into detail about this: Likelihood that breast implant will drop?

Hope this helps!

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