17 Years After Breast Reconstruction Following Bilateral Mastectomy

I did not consider any cons at the time. All I...

I did not consider any cons at the time. All I knew was: I may die from cancer soon, and if I'll survive, I wanted to look "normal" after bilateral mastectomy. I was not told about life of the implants, about MRIs to check them,etc.

I am 60 years old. I have saline implants for 17 years after bilateral mastectomy. They look and feel OK. Should I do anything to make sure they are OK? I never had an MRI or ultra sound to check them. I fact, I only see my OBGYN once a year and she never mentioned anything in this regard. Please advise. Thank you.

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1.He treated me not as a cancer victim, but another woman seeking "good looks". 2. My breasts are not same shape. 3. My breasts are not same sise. 4. Other issues of the way I was treated and looks of my breasts.

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Although the general lifespan on a saline implant is about 12-15 years, if they are not causing you a problem I would leave them alone. You do not need to have an MRI to check a saline implant. If it leaks, you will usually know since it will likely deflate. If and when an implant does leak, then I would have both implants replaced. If you had silicone implants in for 17 years, I would definitely have you get an MRI to evaluate their integrity. You should however, continue to do monthly self breast exams as well as annual breast exams by your doctor.
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