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Months ago I had a breast lift with implant...

months ago I had a breast lift with implant exchange. I had 600cc implants before and was a DD. I went to 3 different doctors and told them I wanted to reduce the size to be between a B and C cup. One doctor suggested I have a lift using a circumaereolar incision. The other surgeons said I would need to have the traditional vertical incision since I would be going to such a smaller size.

I ended up using the surgeon who suggested the circumaereolar incision. He used 400cc implants in the exchange after I insisted to both him and his nurse I DID NOT want to use this size.

Now my breasts are still sagging, they are too large, and I have had problems with the healing at the incision site. I developed a hole where a stich was being "spitted" so the doctor tell me. I feel that my surgeon did not listen to me and decided to use the larger implants.

I am very disappointed with my results. I talked to my doctor about redoing the surgery and taking out the 400cc implants and exchanging for 275cc. He insists that I need to wait 6 months and he will not agree at this point to redo even if I am still unhappy after 6 months. I feel that I was not listened to. Even when I expressed concerns prior to the surgery about his choice of incision site, because 2 other doctors said they would not do it this way, he is adament about not redoing the surgery. I feel this is unethical and don't know what to do at this point. I spent $12,000 for my surgery and my breasts are still sagging and I am still a large D cup (36D). What advice would you give me?

Do you feel that a surgeon should redo a surgery if they did not do what the patient requested in the beginning and the patient end up not happy?


I completely understand what you are going through. I had a breast lift with augmentation and it really doesn't look like I had a lift and the doctor gave me D cup size rather than the C that I asked for. It is going on 2 years and I can't find another doctor who will sign an affidavit so that I can proceed with legal action. Unless, a doctor severely injuries you it is hard to get help.
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I agree. Why on earth would you choose the guy that wanted to do it his way and not your way, verse two other doctors that were willing to listen to you. Sounds like you didn't research it enough. I would threaten to sue the guy. That usually changes people's minds. Consult a lawyer. And this time, research the lawyer!
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if you had 2 out of three doctors tell you they would not do something and you chose the one that said that they would, why did you choose him? if two say no and one says yes, i am going with one of the no guys. i would be interested in knowing from you why? what was it that made you go with him? was it because you wanted a smaller scar? your breast were huge and you needed the incision suggested by the two doctors. i have had 4 consults and all of them have said the 'anchor' incision would be the best for me. i had large implants for 8yrs, i removed them 4yrs ago and now thinking of lift and maybe implant. if your brest are sagging, the anchor lift is the way to go, with or without an implant. doing your homework is the only thing that will help you make an informed choice.
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Make sure your surgeon does what "you" want, not what "he" wants.

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