Full B Before Children, Down to Saggy A - Had Lift and Augmentation

I was a full B before children. After 2 children...

I was a full B before children. After 2 children and 2 years of nursing (D cup while nursing) was down to a saggy A. Had lift and augmentation. Not sure if this was worth it - surgery was 2 weeks ago - still in PAIN.

when does the burning and discomfort end?


I completely understand. I had a lift and augment, and I ended up needing 3 surgeries. From what I've been told (and not by my surgeon) about 20% of breast lift surgeries require revision. But I empathize. There is a LOT of downtime and pain. I hope it gets better!
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I'm replying to my own post here - this experience was NOT WORTH IT. have developed late hematoma and seroma on one side, possibly needing revision surgery. If you are active, exercise, have children and have a busy schedule do not undergo this type of surgery - it is not worth it at all. Very unhappy.
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How do you feel about the scarrs? i am 31 and do not want to do this because of the scarrs that are left over. I have seen two different surgeons and one tells me it needs to be lifted and implanted, the other tells me I can forego the lift and put implants over the muscle which i have read up on and don't really want to go that route either. I desperately need another opinion. I have four children under the age of 11 and am very busy. I hate my breasts, they are hideous.
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