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So far so good. I just had and breast lift with...

So far so good. I just had and breast lift with augmentation 2 weeks ago and i'm feeling good. so far i'm happy with results. I will post more as i heal.

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What kind if implants did you choose? Did you have the surgery in the office or outside the office ?
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hi rachel- Both of mine were the same tightness. Perhaps one was just a bit more irritated than the other. (?) I am now 2 months out and the swelling is now mostly gone. Hopefully you will have a follow-up with your surgeon soon. Do you like them??? I am starting to get used to mine now. Good luck!
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hi im 5 day post op lift and implants feeling tight one slightly more swollen than other was you the same ?
  • Reply long has it been now? Are you still happy? I just had a lift 2 days ago, following an implant 15 days ago. My implants were 200cc's and my breasts looked "tanky"...Now they definitely are higher but it is hard to tell because I have stitches around my nipples and they are very, very tight. I had the crescent lift. What did you have??
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who was your surgeon?
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Hi 78tx1225,

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