Is Upper Pole Fullness Impossible for Me?

I expressed my wishes to my doctor, that after 3...

I expressed my wishes to my doctor, that after 3 children wanted perky, small breasts, with fullness on the upper portion (upper pole). So I had a lift and 210cc saline implants. Displeased with results since there is no upper pole fullness or cleavage, still feel that breasts are saggy.

Will a larger implant create the upper pole fullness and cleavage? The doctor said that my tissue and skin are the culprits, not able to hold the implants up. I am 128lbs. 5'4 and before surgery between b and c cup.


I went to Dr. Ciaravino for reduction in breast size/smaller implants. I couldn't have been clearer. I did not end up with what I asked for. I am in the EXACT same size bra I was before surgery. I should have followed my gut instinct adn gone with another surgeon (Lykos) when I went into his office and his entire staff appeared to be under 35, complete w/lash extensions, spray tans, and blindingly white teeth. Understated is not their thing. Of course, I did discuss my dissatisfaction with him, post op and he was willing to re do, at a reduced cost. I don't think I should incur any costs at all. This is not a question of a misunderstanding about the goals of the surgery. There are "risks" associated with cosmetic surgery, but, in this case, he either didn't listen, or just did what he wanted. Neither is acceptable. Unless he is willing to redo at zero cost to me (which would the ethical thing to do, in this particular case), no way-and even then, I don't think I would do it.. I cannot go through another surgery right away-financially, emotionally or take the time off from work anytime soon, so I will live with it, and eventually have it redone by someone that will listen and understands that i want SMALLER breasts.
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Me and a friend of mine both recently got our breast done, we both got lifts and implants. So between us we have had consults 11 with plastic surgeons in Houston. Dr Ciaravino is the doctor for the young flat chested model type who wants implants. His name get more hype than it deserves. I'm confused as to why he couldnt determine your skin elasticity from your consult. Then again he's so busy you probably were treated like me and didnt get to even see him. Its seems like your wants were similar to mine, nice, perky, tight breast. You may want to consider consulting other doctors for a revision. One doctor that stood out to me was Dr.Camille Cash, she uses a techinique that utilizes your own breast tissue for fullness up top and had some really good before and after pics(also affordably priced). However I ended up choosing Dr. Steely who also uses a similar technique. And to answer your last question Im not a doctor but its more about the placement of the implant than the size, unless you want bigger breast...
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Houston Plastic Surgeon

Doctor never said there was a chance that the goals/wishes I expressed with this procedure may not be possible. Said that implant would create the fullness and matopexy remove excess skin to lift up the breasts. I feel that I couldve had the lift alone and gotten the same results.

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