Saline Implants and Redo - About to Have 3rd Surgery Due to Rupture

I had breast implants done about 4 yrs. ago I told...

I had breast implants done about 4 yrs. ago I told the doctor that i wanted to be atleast a size c at the time i was a size 32AA. He did the procedure with only 230cc i was very unhappy my breasts looked like little balls they didnt even look like real breasts, so i had him redo the implants a year later this time he did 330cc implants i was much happier but still wished they were alittle bigger. I wish i knew how much money this was going to cost me i thought i would pay for one procedure and it would be done for atleast 8-10 years. Now it has only been 4 years and i am about to have my THIRD procedure do to rupture. If i knew all of this i might have not done it.

I had saline breast implants about 3 yrs. ago and a baby about 7 months ago and am nursing. I noticed about 2 wks. ago that my left implant has gone almost completely flat! What could have caused this and how long will i have to wait to get it replaced? would gel implants be better?


I tell my patients once you have an implant you will need anther surgery in the future, if you can not accpt that then do not do the surgery. Now you need another surgery. Your options 1: Replace the implants , knowing very well you will need another surgery in the future 2: remove implant and you will not have another surgery You make the decision
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