Slightly Drooping and Smaller Breasts After Having Children

I had slightly drooping and smaller breasts after...

I had slightly drooping and smaller breasts after having children and decided to have a breast lift and implants.

After waking up from my surgery my P.S told me that i did not need the lift as the implants were enough to give them a nice shape which i was pleases about as i wasn't too keen on the idea of a lolly pop scar and i was very impressed that my P.S did not cut me up unnecessarily. Now my breast are perfect better than before i had children.

When i lift my breasts i can see a stitch line underneath the skin it only happens when the skin is pulled taught and breasts are lifted. does anyone know if this is normal and do they disolve over time?


I am looking in to getting breast implants, i have had two children and the third is on its way after this child i know that i will deff need them to make me feel more womenly is this a good idea is it well over 5,000 and what should i be conserened about or consiter going in to this.
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he was very helpful and patient with me when i kept bombarding him with questions he has done a fantastic job and i am 100% happy

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