Silicone W/lift - Thinking of Changing to Saline

I have silicone implants with a lift but i want...

i have silicone implants with a lift but i want fuller breast and i was thinking of changing my implants and going with saline implants.

i have silicone implant with a lift but i would like my breast to look fuller i was considering saline implants. what do you think?
I think u should stay with the silicone. Majority of Plastic surgons do their own wives with the gel. That says alot
Hi, I just replaced my saline implants (I had 325cc) with 550cc Mentor high profile silicone implants for a more natural fuller look. I had my saline implants for 10 years and after that length of time, I had extreme rippling and deflation. I would stay with the silicone implant.
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very good doctor with experience

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