Breast Implants Have Led to a Burning Sensation in my Right Breast

I had breast implants with lift two years ago....

I had breast implants with lift two years ago. Since day one i was complaining of burning sensation and that my right arm was feeling like my right breast was in the way. went to my breast surgeon and he kept saying it was going to go away and the last visit said he couldnt do anything and refered me to a pain clinic. till now still with a burning right breast cant hardly work and taking any hard drugs for the pain. this has me thinking of taking out my implants i will be back to normal in life with out pain please help. (went to a breast specialist, send me to do a mri and didnt find nothing).

what procedures should i do to know why i have the very sharp burning in my whole right breast

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Thanks so much for posting on RealSelf! Was your surgery really $8,000? Or is it possible there's an extra zero there?


I have had saline implants, under the muscle, for 11 years this june. I have had burning shooting pains in both of them ever since I had them done. On and off of course. Now I am starting to get pain in both of them, on and off. Does the burning feel like a nerve? It does for me. It is only on the lateral side of my breast though, near my armpit. Guess this is pretty common.
I'm 6 months post op & also still have the burning pain along with general discomfort, + 'sagging' cleavage, breat are to far apart. My doctor has no answers for my pain. He doesn't want to deal with me now that surgery is over said he would take them out but I'm scared I will look mutilated & I don't trust him now.
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