Unhappy with Implants for Post-pregnancy Breasts - Remove or Replace?

I had a breast aug 6 weeks ago to correct deflated...

I had a breast aug 6 weeks ago to correct deflated breasts after nursing 2 kids.

I am very unhappy with the result. I ended up way larger than expected. I had 335 CC placed under the muscle.

I am extremely depressed and can barely eat or sleep. I scheduled a revision and am conflicted on whether I should have them removed or downsized.

Should I remove my implants, or replace with a smaller implant.

I was in a similar cituation like you. I went to PS, showed him a picture, discussed a LOT what i wanted, came back to him again another 2times. He looked very arrogant and confident i thought its kind of good quality for a PS. i warned him not to put more than 300CC. i woke up after surgery with 400cc high profile!!! i was not even A cup. i looked AWFUL. PAIN WAS TERRIBLE! i had implants removed after 5weeks and my breasts looking deformed. Skin is stretched out... just breast like grandmother has. not firm nothing... just wanted to warn you. If you remove implants depends on how big your implants were your breasts may never look good again. Name of my "so called PS" is Richard Bensimon at Pearl women"s center in Portland. just wanted to share my experience and made women think 1000 times before going to have augmentation. Your PS can give you this pain and sorrow i had.
Do you wish you had put in a much smaller implant instead of just having them removed? I have implants that are too big for me and I want to have them replaced to be much smaller if thats possible.
Well. implants were THE BIGGEST mistake i have ever done in my life. My PS NEVER told me the truth about complications and never gave any document to read about future problems with implants. so i never had a chanse to take an informed decision. speaking about smaller implants...well... no. i rather be with grandmother stretched out skin than think about them every day. MRI every t2 years, constant worries about future stuff. Just hope you find a PS (not like Richard Bensimon) who will be 100 percent honest with you what to expect once you downsize them. in my case he lied absolutely EVERYTHING. he assured me that once i remove implants my breasts will look EITHER the same or better than before.LIE LIE LIE. wish you luck in finding A REALLY honest skilled PS.
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Did not review size to my satisfaction ahead of procedure

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