Pregnant 5 Months Post-op. HELP

I had my breast implants done because my boobs...

I had my breast implants done because my boobs were not perky as i would like due to child birth. i have thin skin as well :(

I had a breast augmantation just a few months ago and just recently found out that i am pregnant. I am worried sick about having saggy boobs again (which is why i had the implants after having my first baby). what are some healthy tips on keeping them firm and sag free?? will i need a lift after and how soon after? please help me. i have been worrying myself sick.
dr. richardson

my implants are not as high as they should be.

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Congratulations and fear not (try to minimize stress during your pregnancy), as a major factor in breast gland and skin elasticity loss is genetic. I tell my patients to keep the skin well attended to with over the counter moisturizers (patient are uniquely and inherently different, so find one that works best for you, feel free to experiment) or consult a skin care expert to determine your Fitzpatrick Skin type and they will be able to recommend an appropriate application. Wear supportive bras ALL THE TIME...a heavy implant combined with breast gland engorgement with contribute to excess weight and therefore relaxation of tissues including the inner breast ligaments and skin. I always recommend that I see my patients 6 and 12 months after surgery, and I assume your breast surgeon will see you as well...ask him or her sooner rather than later if you like for recommendations in your particular case! Best of Luck! Dr. C
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First of all, best of luck to you and your expanding family. :)

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