Breast Augmentation - Breastfed 4 Babies, This Was a Gift to Myself

I breastfed 4 babies so this was my gift to myself...

I breastfed 4 babies so this was my gift to myself. I had my surgery 3 weeks ago.

breast were smaller and fallen. One breast was smaller then other. So I have breast augmentation. Is very painful. I had my under muscle. Now one looks bigger is it still swollen?

I had one breast bigger then the other so i went to have a breast augmentation to even them up and to come up a cup size. But now the breast that was smaller is bigger then the other. Is this ok and will they look symmetrical after a couple of weeks?


Katy- Cup sizes are difficult to pin point, as there is no uniformity from one bra manufacturer to the other. In addition, a majority of the patients I see do not have the same size breasts, whether they breast fed or not. Many times these breast volume and anatomy differences can be corrected for in the operating room through different volumes between implants. This is easier to accomplish with saline impants as opposed to silicone implants (which are supplied filled). Different "sizes" after surgery is typically not due to swelling...however, implants do sit high on the chest wall early after surgery. An implants riding higher on one side versus the other may give the impression of a "larger" breast. Hopefully this is not too confusing; I recommend you meet with your surgeon, ask about your concerns regarding sizes and balance. Good Luck! Dr. C
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no I do not. I had choosen a full c small d. But one was bigger then other and in tha smaller one she added 20cc more she said. It happens to be the one that is bigger now.
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Swelling generally lasts longer than 3 weeks, so that could definitely account for the size difference. Do you know what size implants your doctor used?
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