Nipple Numbness 4 Months After Breast Implants - Jallandhar, India

I am satisfied with my implants.i wanted to...

i am satisfied with my implants.i wanted to increase the size of my breasts,but my doctor didnt advise me for that as i am very thin so he just gave me breasts had sagged a little after my pregnancy.but my main concern now is nipple numbness.

i got breast implants 4 months back.i am experiencing nipple numbness in 1 breasts.i am very much worried i have no sensation and my nipple pains a lot when my husband sucks numbness permanent or will return.can massage correct it?

Hi Sam11

do you mind telling me which doctor you use for your breast Augmentation in Jalandhar, Punjab
that price seem unbelievable for a BA and is your breast fully ok now.
I have partial numbness in one breast after 4 months. I've read that it can take much longer for full feeling to return. I once had surgery on my jaw and had some numbness. After a year or two I didn't notice it anymore. Maybe you need to give it more time.

Hi everyone.It's been more than two years that...

Hi everyone.It's been more than two years that I have got breast implants but my sensation has not returned and now I have given up hope for that, as I have consulted the best Plastic surgeon of India he says if sensation is lost it will never come back.The doctors who are giving you hopes are all fake.So never put your life at risk by going to the untrained doctors just for lower cost, its the question of your life, Wats the fun of having big breasr when you cannot enjoy it!And believe me it never comes back....

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because i am experiencing nipple numbness..maybe its because of lack of experience of doctor.

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