My Pain - Capsular Contracture 7 Months After Surgery

Well treatment was good before but i am worried...

well treatment was good before but i am worried about the present i had my surgery in statenisland. i went in morning and was out in 2 hours in alot of pain and now im in worse pain dealing with capsular contraction

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Well i was sad because after having two kids my...

well i was sad because after having two kids my breast were completly gone and i wanted to fell good about  my breast agan well i had my procedure at 9am and i was out before 11am sevice was good

i had surgery march 11 and now i found out i have capsular contraction i used to make alot of money and am not working at this time can someone please tell me how much this procedure goes for i am in so much pain in my left breast and its swollen as i type


well i was supposed to have surgery to remove them but i am feelinng better after taking leviquin and mederol dose pack the swelling went down and i dont look like such a freak my left is a lil fuller up top then the right,if taking antibiotics stoped the pain and swelling was it due to an infection?
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Capsular contracture can occur that fast, and cause pain. The treatment is capsulotomy and replace the implats. If they are only 9 month you may use the same implants and that will make it cheaper for you. However you must understand that the company and the FDA states breast implants are single use only. Have a Consultation with a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, he/she will give you a complimentary consultation and give you the diagnosis treatment and cost. Even if you go through surgry you can develope another capsular contracture. The incidence is 5-15%. Then you will need another surgry. The only way to prevent capsular contracture is not to have Breast implants.
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Sorry for the pain you are going through, some doctors do offer a free conceltation, they will let you know how much it will cost you, or you can go back to your PS maybe he will help you out. Good luck
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dr. cattani

honestly i havent made that desicion yet

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